Sunset Date Night Tour


Come out and enjoy the beautiful views of the forest , bluffs, and Kansas River all while flying high above on your special night.

Enjoy our popular Sunset Date Night Tour!

3 Hours

The Sunset Date Night Tour is identical to the Ultimate Adventure Tour, except for the ambiance! This tour is for couples looking for a unique date night adventure flying high above the tree tops. We zip all 9 lines, but begin the tour in time to zip the towers as the sun begins to set. It’s glorious to zip through the glowing trees, and touch down to the earth at dusk.

What to Bring

  • Tennis shoes/hiking shoes
  • Camera/phone for awesome pics
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Water
  • Small backpack to carry your phone/camera and water
  • Warm clothing if it is cool
  • Cash to tip your awesome tour guide!