Team Building Courses

Team Building Course

3 Hours | $40 per Person

Take your dream-team on a 1 mile guided hike with a fun team building twist! Follow your guide through a series of obstacles, games, and activities encouraging your communication skills, teamwork, and group bonding! The Team Building Course experience is unique to each group and runs 2-3 hours depending on group size and performance.

The Team Building Course Includes

  • 3 hour guided hike with your own super fun team building guide!
  • Over a dozen team building exercises
  • Take-home bandanas
  • Plaque for the office
  • Picnic tables for lunch or meetings (before or after your hike)

Combo Package

  • Hike & Zip + Team Building Course: $99 per Person
  • Tower Tour + Team Building Course: $119 per Person
  • Catering options available for $7-$13 per Person

Bond together at great heights or low to the ground on a zip-tastic (ew, gross pun) zip line tour, and nurture (push) your team’s mutual love and devotion (muscles) on the Team Building Course at Zip KC. Select either the Hike & Zip or Tower Tour to be followed by a guided Team Building Course hike. This package comes with a 10% discount for groups of 6-19, and a 15% discount for 20 people or more.