Zip KC Tours

Sunset Zipline Tour

Come out and enjoy the beautiful views of the forest , bluffs, and Kansas River all while flying high above on your special night.

Hiking + Zipline Tour

This tour includes four scenic bluff-to-bluff ziplines over the gorgeous rolling hills next to the Kansas River. Enjoy short hikes between the lines for the ultimate experience!

Ultimate Ziplining

For the ultimate experience, book this tour that gets you access to all nine lines in the park, including the famous zero gravity drop and some nice hikes.

Night Flight Tower Tour

Get your adventure-loving friends and family together for this once-in-a-lifetime experience and zip in the dark under the light of headlamps, glowsticks, and lasers!

Mobile Zipline Rental

Just imagine the foot traffic impact of setting up a zipline in front of your business. You will be turning heads and boosting awareness in a truly impactful way.
Ziplining near Kansas City, KS

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