Team Building & Corporate

Team Building Course

2 Hours | $50 per Person

Take your dream-team on a 1 mile guided hike with a fun team building twist! Follow your guide through a series of obstacles, games, and activities encouraging your communication skills, teamwork, and group bonding! The Team Building Course experience is unique to each group and runs 2-3 hours depending on group size and performance.

The Team Building Course Includes

  • 2 hour guided hike with your own super fun team building guide!
  • Over a dozen team building exercises
  • Take-home bandanas
  • Plaque for the office
  • Picnic tables for lunch or meetings (before or after your hike)

Team Building Zip Tours

1.5-2 Hours | $59-$79 per Person

Add some adrenaline to your team adventure and make a day of it with a high-flying zip line tour on the bluffs of the Kansas River!  Choose from the Hike & Zip or Tower Tour and zip on!

Zip Tour Options: 

The Hike and Zip is composed of 4 zip lines starting and ending at ground level while zipping over bluffs with hiking in between. Hiking is just about 1/2 mile in short sections between zip lines featuring scenic views of the Kansas River Valley, wildlife and native plants! The Hike & Zip is the perfect introduction to zip lining in a fun, relaxed environment!

1.5-2 Hours | $79.99 per Person

The Tower Tour is composed of 5 lines running tower to tower and reaching speeds up to 50 mph! The first tower is 65′ tall with an ascent of 77 steps and runs a quarter of a mile. From there you are up high in the tree canopy as we zip tower to tower all the way back to home base. The tour ends with our breathtaking zero gravity line which features a 12 ft free fall before the zip line swoops you up like a roller coaster!

1.5-2 Hours | $79.99 per Person

Combo Package

  • Hike & Zip + Team Building Course: $99 per Person
  • Tower Tour + Team Building Course: $119 per Person
  • Catering options available for $7-$13 per Person

Bond together at great heights or low to the ground on a zip-tastic (ew, gross pun) zip line tour, and nurture (push) your team’s mutual love and devotion (muscles) on the Team Building Course at Zip KC. Select either the Hike & Zip or Tower Tour to be followed by a guided Team Building Course hike. This package comes with a 10% discount for groups of 6-19, and a 15% discount for 20 people or more.