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Creative Things to do in Kansas City

It’s a Theme Party!!

Every 3rd Saturday Zip KC will be hosting a different theme where all of our Zip Staff will STYLIN the theme of the month. (Because really we just want an excuse to dress up!)

As is zip lining wasn’t crazy enough… we’re adding costumes!

Come witness this spectacle and partake in the fun and zip line in costume! We encourage our zip GUESTS to dress up but it is not mandatory.

April 20 – Onesies
May 18 – Totally 80s
June 15 – Hawaiian Luau
July 20 – Christmas in July
August 17 – Superheroes
September 21 – Past & Future
October 19 – Monsters & Villains
November 16 – Animal

So if you were considering coming out to zip some Saturday and you have a love for costumes, book your tour on any of these days!

Escape the ordinary and schedule your zip line tour today!