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Zip KC Team Building vs. Team Bonding


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Team Building? Team Bonding?

What-huh? “What is the difference between team building and team bonding?!” Well, Zippy, let’s talk about that. (Zippy the Squirrel has a curious mind and keen eye for sweet zips. He also enjoys reflecting on workplace philosophies, lucky us.)

Team Bonding

Think of team bonding as a one time experience during which group members bond together through a shared, positive experience – watching a movie, riding a roller coaster or a zip line. Everyone leaves in a good mood, maybe even having learned a little more about each other. You might feel better about each other, and that’s great! But a team bonding experience won’t run as a deep as team building.

Team Building

Team building necessitates the development of group skills, chiefly: communication, problem solving, and mutual support. While team building can involve team bonding as well, a fun adrenaline rush or gut-busting laughter, team building pushes the group to reflect, work together and overcome a shared challenge. The group must support each other in moments of stress or vulnerability – trust is required.

It is this kind of personal interaction that builds long-lasting relationships and a functioning group dynamic. In getting to know one another and working together successfully in the face of personal doubt or fear,  you learn to think of yourself in relation to those around you, to focus on the team instead of your personal insecurities. If you are really lucky, you’ll discover a new, satisfying identity as a team member, part of a family.

We hope to inspire this kind of connection between peoples here at the Zip KC Team Building Course. With a little fun and a push outside daily boundaries, we hope your team will start down the path toward greater shared success, and caring personal relationships.

Click to check out our Zip KC Team Building Packages on our unique Team Building Course featuring obstacles from the KC Timber Challenge Obstacle Course, and a variety of team building games and activities. Or click here to book your team bonding zip line adventure!

Love and Zip On!




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