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Ninja Mobile Obstacle Course

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We Bring the Ninja Course to YOU! 

Active students make for focused students! Our goal is to promote a better learning environment through helping kids meet their 60 minutes of daily physical activity. 

Our Mobile Ninja Obstacle Course is designed to follow both state and national physical education curriculum for ages 5-12 and can be paired with a formal presentation about getting active, at the school’s request. The program is built to be tailored to the educational desires of each participating school.

The Mobile Ninja Obstacle Course consists of 7-12 obstacles that we set-up in school gymnasiums or fields and can have classes rotate through all day to help kids meet their 60 minutes of daily physical activity. 

It is a perfect way to keep kids active when it may be a little too cold to exercise outside, or as a unique reward for students after they finish state testing. 

This program is a great guest to have during gym classes or field days to keep physical education different and fun.

Our Ninja Obstacle Course can be set up indoors or outdoors – Also making it perfect for Festivals, Youth Groups, Summer Camps and MORE! 

Available to Book!  – Call for pricing and booking.

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